Me, drawn by Harriet Stanley-Wood

Me, drawn by Harriet Stanley-Wood


I’m Alison.

Welcome to my blog.

I suppose you clicked About to learn a little something about me, so here goes:

  1. I’m a hopeful romantic (hence the title of this blog)
  2. I’m an INFJ (Introversion-Intuition-Feeling-Judging) and a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)
  3. I’m a lifelong bookworm
  4. I’m an editor by day, and would-be creative writer by night (when I’m not busy watching Mad Men, Community, Call the Midwife, or Downton Abbey, my favourite TV shows)
  5. I get so involved in the storylines of fictional characters that they seem real to me (refer to point 3 and 4)
  6. I’m deeply affected by music
  7. I’m an Anglophile, and I consider Scotland my second home (contradictory as those two statements are!)
  8. I’m an old soul
  9. I’m an animal lover
  10. I love adventures but am a homebody at heart (more contradictions!)

I’m a woman. I can be as contradictory as I choose – The Dowager Countess, Downton Abbey

My other blog, My Girl Thursday, is a celebration of old timey ladies–real and fictional–being rad.

Happy reading!


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