Blessed Bodies

In praise of postpartum bodies.

woman holding child

Woman holding child in arms by Amelia Bauerle (Bowerly) (1873-1916)

Our bodies are beautiful, these bodies that housed miracles.

How can we, after experiencing the magic of childbirth, not expect to be transformed?

We’re expansive. Rounded. Softer.

Our hearts, our hips, wider to allow for the sweet passage of so much love.

Our bellies, our breasts, fuller for our appetite to nourish.


And we’re pressured to “get our bodies back” as fast as possible.

Get our bodies back from where? Where did they go?

Why punish our bodies for being womanly?

Why whittle our middles when those middles created life?


Our bodies are blessed, forever touched by the sacred, the irrevocable link between mother and child.

Let’s be healthy. Let’s be strong.

But let’s also be soft, embracing the size and scars that remember our journey.


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